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Train Engineer Revolution CRE57000SS in stock

Train Engineer Revolution CRE57000SS in stock
In Stock

Our system of choice for Gauge 1 operation either by radio control or pure DC track power. Easy to install, controls a 50 model roster, double heading is easy, all from a unit that slips into your pocket when not in use. The top speed can be limited for visiting little hands and the similarity to a mobile phone allows you to put it to your ear and "throw a deaf un" as required :-)

This starter pack contains

Transmitter, Receiver, simple mounting board, Smoke unit controller, capacitor (for track operation), linking extension button, accessory harness, instruction CD

Technical details

2.4 GHz worldwide universal frequency that is glitch free with each signal packet bound to the individual receiver.
Either track or battery power.
1024 Steps of resolution for smooth operation.
Easy Multiple Unit (MU) set up and dropping without re-binding.
Each M.U.’s unit can revert back to single unit operation immediately after being dropped maintaining all original programming.
Each M.U.’d unit can be set individually to equalize disparate loco operation.
No program track needed.
Changes to loco operation can be made on the fly, though it’s safer to stop the train while re-programming to test the results.
No booster power supply needed.
Direction of loco shows on screen before operation begins.
Battery power as well as track power.
All decoders are R/F (radio frequency) and digital with 5 Amp capacity continuous and 8 amp peak. The pin and socket combined allow this higher amperage along with the high grade mossfets and a huge heat sink.
Two-way transponding communication between receiver and transmitter.
Direct communication via radio waves to the loco eliminates track condition elements.
All stop as well as individual loco stopping.
Back lit scrolling LCD screen with all commands selectable on the screen.
No CV variable commands to memorize.
Short antenna of 1 ½” is easy to place in the loco and reception is top grade regardless of position of antenna.
Transmitter has belt clip or can fit in shirt pocket.
Control up to 50 locos and switches from the one transmitter without a base station.
Future control of accessories through transponding signals as train approaches.
Rechargeable battery connection in the Transmitter.
Can use automated sounds via magnets and reed switch control.
Has 6 outputs on board for sounds and lights and there is an optional board for 16 more controls.
All programs stored in the transmitter, not the receiver, with signal packet commands sent 1,000 times per second.
Battery life in transmitter up to one month depending on the amount of usage.
Future routing of trains in memory including stops.
Stationary receivers can control up to 4 remote switches. Can M.U. switches in groups up to 24 to change with one button push.
Easy plug and play ports as well as loco wiring installation.
Visual identification of locos by name and road number on screen.
Speed indicator of loco on screen with 2-way communication.
Short circuit and overheating indication of loco on the screen.
Easy instructions enabled with screen selection choices.
Long range of 400+ feet in most environments.
No motor suppression required as our 2.4 frequency is not affected by motor radio noise.
Silent operation without any motor hum. Frequency of 15 KHz PWC to keep the sounds above that of human hearing.
Separate smoke control off board to compensate for the higher voltage needed in smoke systems. Each board can control two smoke systems.
Transmitter sleep mode time set by user and awakes with the touch of any button