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News 31st January 2014

New limited numbers of LHL DP1 Deltic prototypes with new design bogies , 3 traction motors to each bogie. Less than 30 left, a stunning model which with this new improved drive, not to be missed. Save £200 by pre-ordering. This saving also applies to the new production Deltic's

New range of FM models Korean built locos in conjunction with LHL models, first model 9F in both Gauge O and Gauge 1, pre-order now limited numbers. available in both green and black. delivery expected late 2014/early 2015

The final shipment is in stock. New in Double Fairlies in maroon/black.

Gauge 1 Duchess 2 left, de-streamlined sloping smoke box

In O gauge we have the following Duchesses left in stock this is the last supply

1 fully finished light blue Princess Alice

The revolution system is back in stock We have bought all UK steam sound stock from Bachmann, they state they do not intend to import any more.

coming soon more fully finished locos in both gauges, see the O gauge range at Bristol

Important update

The factory has closed As each project is finished the moulds & drawings have been destroyed, contrary to speculation none have been supplied to Wuhu models.

There will be full spares sent to myself and I anticipate having sufficient stock for at least the next 2 -3 years.

Now the good news

The stock situation in gauge 1

4575 - 5 in stock no more after this

14XX early - 8 in stock

14XX late - 12 in stock

4MT - 6 in stock

Black 5 early version only - 10 in stock All new version with helical gearbox

SFB Jubilee - 5 in stock green, 1 in stock crimson

LFB Jubilee - 5 in stock green, 1 in stock crimson

8F - 8 in stock

Hall - 8 in stock GWR, 5 in stock BR, 3 in stock brass/black

Re-built Scot - SOLD OUT

B set - 8 in stock

A30 late Autocoach - 8 in stock

A28 late Autocoach - 4 in stock

A28 early Autocoach - 6 in stock

GWR Collett coaches fully range in stock

Double fairlie - In stock 32nmm bogies only

The stock situation in O gauge

2MT black - 7 in stock

2MT green - 6 in stock

Black 5 - 4 in stock early, no more after these, late 1 sold out , late 2 sold out

Jubilee SFB - SOLD OUT

Jubilee LFB - 3 in stock green

LFB with Fowler tender in BR green 1 in stock

Re-built Scot - 1 in stock no more after this

Hall - 1 in stock - no more after this

8F - sold out

V2 - all versions in stock

B1 - 3 green in stock. 3 black in stock with pre-1955 tender

J50 - 10 in stock

Terrier 5 LBSC, 3 Isle of Wight in stock

1833 - sold out in braass 1 fully finished in LMS crimson

Schools olive green 2 , 1 malachite green with le-maitre chimney & 2 malachite green with std chimney, 2 black - in stock

Manor - all version in stock

GWR City class - 8 in stock

Duchess - low stock. see above

Grange - In stock 4000 & 3500 gallon tenders

Brass 08's in stock £330.00 with cab interior, £280 without

04 blue £300.00 1 ONLY

king tenders, & 4000 gallon stanier riveted tenders

Just to stress when they models are finished that is it, to put things into perspective O gauge 4MT’s that you could be had fully finished for £750 18 months ago will cost you £1300 for the well known seaside emporium, you have been warned

31/01/2014 12:00:00 PM