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How are your models developed?

It takes us up to 2 years and £10000 to develop a new model. The first requirement is a general arrangement drawing of the real thing. We then assemble photographs from collections and photograph and measure preserved examples. We also liase with preservation societies and acknowleged experts on the individual classes. In house we produce any initial exploded cad drawing, which after approval is turned into cad drawings for the components required. So each model has possibly hundreds of drawings. From this we produce an initail prototype which is sent to me in the UK for evaluation. This may be shown at exhibitions for your comments. Once signed off the parts are cut out, wheels cast in house and production commences. The models are spray painted in house using an automotive quality paint which is then low heat baked. I guess it is a revese compliment that other Chinese manufactureres (one of which I would expect not to stoop so low) chose to copy our designs to produce their own Gauge 1 offerings.