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DCC control systems

We are authorised distributors of the ESU range of decoders and control systems, supported in the UK by South West Digital.

Bachmann Dynamis Ultima

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Utilising advanced wireless infrared technology, Dynamis Ultima allows for more freedom whilst operating your model railway - you can move around the layout as you wish, controlling locomotives and functions with ease.

With its selectable voltage, Dynamis Ultima can be used to control layouts of any scale from N through to G. Its compact nature means that it is suitable for use in areas with very limited space and due to it being an expandable system it can also be used to cover significantly larger layouts.

New features include a booster connection, which allows you to add additional power in order to divide your layout into different sections and a USB link, enabling you to connect the system to a computer and run model railway software for even greater control of your layout.

ESU Loksound 4.0 DCC decoder & speaker O gauge

Buy Online - ESU Loksound 4.0 DCC decoder & speaker O gauge
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A 1.1amp continuous load decoder and speaker for fitting to smaller O gauge locos, unless you are running small trains we would not recommend fitting this to any other model in our range.

Please note you buy this decoder for O gauge models we have not supplied at your own risk