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About Us


Established 4 years ago Finescalebrass (UK) Ltd is run in partnership with San Cheng the manufacturer of our range of models and formerly the supplier of the Brassworks range for Bachmann plus manufacturing commissions for other suppliers here in the UK and the USA.

John Riley

I started as a customer and liked the range so much that I pestered Randolph unitl he finally agreed to set up a UK operation. My interest in model railways started over 50 years ago and like many of you moved to the larger scales in my "later" years. The face of Finescalebrass at exhibitions as well as the voice on the phone.

Randolph Chang

Randolph was the original MD for Bachmann in europe before leaving to run his own brass manufacturing Company. Randolph can be credited with establishing the O gauge, fine scale ready to run market and developing the gauge 1 ready to run market to the level it is today.


Paul Moore

Paul is well known in the 4mm gauges and has won a number of awards for his work. He has a, well deserved, growing reputation in the larger scales. In my opionion Paul's work is on a par with the very best available. Because of this, the turnround on our commissions by Paul is currrently 12 months.

Steve Barnfield

Steve is a well known, full time, professional loco builder/painter and a published author on painting and lining. His work is also of the highest standard. Steve is currently suffering a disabilitating illness which prevents him from painitng, we wish him a speedy recovery but until that time Steve is resting.

Liz Marsden

Liz is heavily involved in Gauge 1 both as a show organiser and with her partner runs Cromford Designs. Liz specialises in Gauge 1 and once again is producing excellent work to the highest standard. Commissions to Liz currently take 4 months to turnaround.

The Rev. Albert Eccles

Albert is a professional, full time, painter. His work is again to the highest standard and currently his turnround time is 4 months.

Conrad Cooper

Conrad is the latest addition to our team and again is a full time professional painter, well know in the industry. His work is to the highest standard and his turnround is 3 months.

In addition the following painters are experienced with our models and are happy to provide a directly commissioned finishing service.

Simon Greenwood & Colin Tyrer.


Stuart De'Bore

Stuart is a full time DCC fitter and fits all our decoders, he is also developing a range of operating lamps for O gauge.

South West Digital

Our supplier of ESU DCC decoders and Sound decoders

Peter Sporer

Peter has developed kits for all our gauge 1 locomotives to run under battery powered radio control. He is one of 2 approved fitters we use for our radio control service.

Cromford Designs

Our second approved fitter for our radio control service.