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We are open to visitors but as the showroom is quite small we would request that you make an appointment first,

It would look like our first show will Kettering on March the 5th , we look forward to meeting customers old & new, if you can recognise us behind the masks !

BR standard class 5

The pre-production model is on its way back to Korea, we have some new photos on the 55H website. We are aware that the factory have made the chimney too high by 2mm and the boiler/firebox too small by the same amount, similarly the position of some of the lining. This is an unfortunate by-product of not been able to travel over there to check due to Covid. Similarly they have produced an ex-works finish, it is our intention that all locos will have no brass//copper finishes, the pipework and front window surrounds will all be in the body colour.

Accucraft G1 coaches

The current estimate is mid 2022 due entirely to the cost of shipping from China, currently there is a 700% premium on normal rates, this will hopefully ease as demand reduces and empty container can be collected.

EU exports

Due to the excessive paperwork involved, as of the first of July we are unable to export any items to the EU with a pre-tax invoice value under £151.00. We apologise for this but as small Company it is not economically viable for us to enter into the EU system. Orders above this value will be treated as all other exports and will be UK VAT free, although you may still have to pay VAT in your resident Country. The items we sell are tariff free as they are sold under commodity code 950300300 Scale Model Trains, this appears on all out invoices.

Pre-owned models

The first batch went quickly we will be adding more in the coming weeks, see our pre-owned models for details.
pre-owned models


The new models are now in stock there is a range of names, regions and eras for the Britannia and 2 eras for the Duke of Gloucester, some names are selling out fast, we are down to single units of the names we have left.

We have stocks of the ESU V5 decoders and synchronised smoke units to enhance these models.


Get a free, fully finished, J50 when you purchase a Britannia or Duke of Gloucester

Visit our dedicated website for details
Click here 55H


Visit our 55H website to see details of 3 new BR Standard models our factory in Korea are currently designing. 3 versions of the Standard 5MT 2 versions of the Standard 4MT 4-6-0 and 1 version of the Standard 4MT 2-6-0

Visit our dedicated website for details.
click here55H


We now offer a hire service for the Train Engineer Revolution
CRE57020 USB programmer £10.00 per week plus postage (a refundable deposit is required). See the radio control systems section for details DCC radio control


We have been informed by Accucraft that it is their intention not to re-run any of the 1.32nd scale wagons in the foreseeable future (if at all) the stocks held in the UK are currently the only stocks available and will be sold on a first come first served basis. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

The new Gauge 1 (1/32nd scale) Mk1 RMB (restaurant mini buffet) is now available to pre-order. This will have original Kaydee couplings at both ends,.

More details here Mk1 coaches

We have been informed by Accucraft that when the RMB's are manufactured, they will do a limited run of the other variations of coaches in all liveries these will be the last made, please pre-order to avoid disappointment.



Original train engineer revolution, full sets (both steam & diesel), additional handsets and receivers.(occluding the new mini receiver and the double sound outlet receiver)

The new Revo DCC full sets and additional receivers (including the new mini receiver)

Don't be confused by the cheaper options, this set shows you which loco you are controlling, you can have up to 100 locos on the handset and double head no problems at all. You have a choice of 16 sounds, smoke and synchronised smoke. We're offering this set with a 3.5 amp or 4.5 amp continuous load decoder designed for the larger scales, the cheaper 1.1 amp decoder, being offered, is designed for OO gauge . Our DCC knowledge is extensive and we would not recommend this decoder for large O scale locos never mind Gauge 1 upwards. You pays your money and you takes your choice.

The premier system for radio control (over 400' of range) is now in stock In stock Train engineer radio controlled DCC, track or battery powered using ESU decoders giving the full range of sounds and features. Call me for further details.

Grey imports of Revolution systems

In this global market I realise it is simple to look at US prices and think you can save a fortune on these systems. But before you do consider this:

  • Part of Brexit is a change to how VAT is charged on imports valued under £135.00. The exporter is now required to register with the UK inland revenue for VAT, charge 20% on everything. goods packing postage, do an electronic VAT return ( Gov identity required) and have a bank account which will take UK direct debits. So unless they are doing lots of transactions to the UK this will be too much of a hassle.
  • The price in dollars is subject to market rates applied to your credit card or Paypal often as low as $1.20, you will also be charged a fee by most standard cards for a non UK transaction.
  • There is a shipping cost of between £20 and £60 depending on your order size.
  • The Inland Revenue are now picking up on imports above £135 where you will get 20% VAT added to your order and a handling charge by Royal Mail of between £8.00 & £25.00 and it can take over 3 weeks to get the item out of bond with 3 pages of paperwork to complete.
  • You have a USA warranty and any faulty items will cost you time, and money to return

So not such a bargain as you think, we have stock her in the UK we can deliver in a couple of days, backed by a UK warranty and a repair service for out of warranty items.


I have now retired from my main business and am now running Finescalebrass from an office in York. Visits to view models are by appointment as I have to get them from a separate warehouse.


We only ask for addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses to aid us in delivery and communication on orders placed.
We do not share them with other parties or use them for any form of marketing or analysis. You may request us to remove your details at anytime. Our mailing list has now been discontinued and all details removed.

To help differentiate between our original models manufactured in China (Finescalebrass) and our new models manufactured in South Korea (55H) we have created a new dedicated website for the 55H brand . Follow this link or click on any of the banners above.

FineScaleBrass offers a wide range of, hand built, brass, 7mm, 0 Gauge and 1:32nd Gauge One, ready to run, model railway engines and coaches, at realistic prices.

In stock for immediate despatch

  • O gauge J50, J39, Terrier, 9F, Duke of Gloucester 7P Britannia class

Our prices include VAT at 20% and insured delivery to mainland UK using Interlink, there is no premium for credit card payment, what you see is what you pay. Non-EU customers will be invoiced excluding VAT but will pay insured air freight costs

FineScaleBrass is the approved partner for the UK and Europe of the San Cheng, own model, range of hand built, brass 0 gauge and gauge 1 ready to run 12V DC railway models.

Here in York, we hold stocks of our full range of models for immediate dispatch, we are able to offer you the opportunity to view and try the models before you buy!

Our offices may be visited by appointment, we keep the stock in a separate warehouse so please telephone before visiting so we can have the right stock for you to view.

We offer a personal service in supplying hand built, brass models at realistic prices, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. We now have a fully finishing service using 4 excellent professional painters, see "our models" for what we include in this package. We also offer DCC, sound and radio control fitting in our finished models.

We accept payment by credit/debit card (except Amex), bank transfer, cheque and good old cash.